Reiki Degree 5A 

Advanced Personal Empowerment Levels

Vishuddha Chakra ~ 5th Centre of Consciousness ~ Fire Element
Visha = impurity, poison 
Shuddhi = purification


5A Empowers ~ Self Love, Self-esteem  Self-Worth, Confidence, Expression, Communication!


  • The Reiki 5A activation highlights and awakens the throat chakra, known in yoga as ‘Vishudda'. The  Attunement generates more health and energy to flow to your thyroid and parathyroid glands. To gently dissolve negative energy within the throat and spinal column.


  • The powerful Reiki 5A Attunement which elevates the power of your Reiki energy to twice that of Reiki Degree 4.

  • The Fifth Degree Reiki ‘Key’ - the Element of ‘FIRE’ that cuts through ‘maya’ and illusion directing the Reiki energy to the throat and spinal column. You apply the 'key' to dissolve and consume negative energy in your body, mind and your world.

  • You receive the 5A manual and Reiki 5A Certificate upon completion.


  • Instruction is given for the formula of the Reiki 3 and Reiki 4 Energy Booster Attunements. Both Energy Boosters can be given to yourself to empower and permanently expand your Reiki energy further.

  • How the Reiki 3A Energy Booster removes emotional/mental baggage from the Solar plexus to enhance digestion of nutrient and mineral absorption.

  • The Reiki 4 Energy Booster expands more light and joy within your Heart giving a stronger connection to the Light within.


  • Enhances many qualities: Expression, Communication, Self-Love, Self-Esteem, Self-Worth, Self-Empowerment, Eloquence and Perception.

  • 5A safely activates the ‘Kundalini’ energy to flow through all of your energy centres ‘meridians’. Creates a stronger connection to the energy of the earth and grounding you more within your physical body and in your Divine Presence.

  • A higher divine protection bringing clarity to the very vibration, power of your words in helping you to speak your truth, for your thoughts, expression and communication. It develops calm, and confidence and inner peace to your mind. A students self esteem is greatly enhanced, many have found their ability to shine as confident speakers after completing Reiki Degree 5A. You may even surprise yourself in the very wisdom of your words when you speak to another as the 5A Level elevates the power of Reiki energy from the Source.