• When most people first hear about Reiki they dismiss it as some kind of “new age” gimmick or a mysterious esoteric practice. Or think that it may be some kind of pseudoscience. But nothing could be further from the truth.


• In recent times this ancient energy medicine has gained some surprisingly mainstream fans. It is being used by sportsmen (Like PGA legend Phil Mickelson) to treat injuries and chronic pain. Reiki is also endorsed by doctors. 


'Dr Stephen DeVries', author of “What your doctor may not tell you about cholesterol” has stated that Reiki can reduce the factors which lead to heart disease.


• Reiki has also been featured on 'Oprah', where 'Dr Oz' demonstrated the technique. It also turns out a surprising number of Hollywood celebrities – like 'Angelina Jolie', 'Sandra Bullock' & 'Nicole Kidman' & 'Justin Timberlake' have all stated that they use Reiki in their daily lives.


• The New York Presbyterian Hospital in association with Columbia University recently conducted one of the first ever studies to determine the effectiveness of Reiki treatments on the automatic nervous system. According to the Doctors who ran this study, the results were very promising. They also confirmed that Reiki can prevent heart disease and other crippling ailments.


• Every day the medical community is becoming more accepting of this alternative treatment and every day it grows in popularity becoming more and more mainstream. So isn’t it time you opened your mind and experienced the Universal Reiki Healing Energy!

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