About Ana Forrest 

• Ana Forrest has been changing people’s lives for nearly 40 years.  An internationally recognized pioneer in yoga and emotional healing, Ana created Forrest Yoga while working through her own healing from her life’s trauma and experience.

About Jose Calarco

• Jose Calarco has a rich international history in both indigenous culture as the director of Descendance Aboriginal and the contemporary arts: spanning over a period of 30 years and through more than 40 countries. Jose’s vast experiences have seen him develop a unique style as a performing musician, songwriter and artistic director.

Ana: It’s really a one-stop therapy session. Forrest Yoga is a much more holistic experience than other forms of yoga, attending to all parts of our being: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. The practice blends intelligent sequencing, breath, invocation, music, first nations wisdom, and ceremony,  all into a fascinating journey to make connection with our spirit.

Online Forrest Yoga classes with Dez Dalton available to book soon!

Dez Dalton trained with Ana Forrest & Jose Calarco Foundation Teacher Training May 2015.

• Specialises in teaching yoga classes, beginners, groups, private & corporate. Classes are conducted in a safe and comfortable environment. He creates a nurturing healing space which will allow students to enjoy and evolve their yoga practice further. Dez has found that through the practice of Forrest Yoga his own life has evolved to one of radiant health, more balance, harmony of body, mind and soul.

• Dez enjoys teaching Forrest yoga classes of the safe and balanced intelligent sequences of Forrest Yoga. Is always happy to share his wonderful array of rescources which include Reiki, Meditation, Health & Wellbeing, Nutrition and Plant Based Superfoods. 


Jose: “This unique combination results in a radical change in how students breathe and move. The experience is so much more than physical poses – there’s a certain magic that comes into the room that fills the emptiness within.” 
The cells are a deep source of intelligence, when you stretch, lengthen, & breathe into them you are expanding your consciousness. Opening your body is like opening your mind & liberating your soul. Listen closely to your Breath & you may begin to see its relationship & connection to the entire Cosmos. Jose Calarco

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