There are ancient wisdom practices which kundalini can be gently awakened in the body temple such as; - the practice of meditation, prayer, yoga, fasting and through the powerful activation formula Attunements of Reiki by a qualified Reiki teacher trainer.  


Reiki & Kundalini

•  In the Seven Level System of Reiki beginning at the foundation level - the Reiki one level - base chakra, kundalini energy can be gently activated by the Reiki Attunement process. Thus begins the ascent of the kundalini through all of the prime energy centres of consciousness.

• Base - 'muladhara': removes fear based limitations, brings balance, clarity, being more conscious, present and grounded. 

• Sacral - 'swadisthana': calm to emotions, dissolves programs negative patterns, including all addictions. Rejuvenation, regeneration and renewal in body at the cellular and molecular level.

• Solar - 'manipura': clears negative thought programs, control and power over another, living in denial and ego. Creates peace calm in mind, recognition of love and self forgiveness.


• Heart - 'anahata': awakens feelings of being connected to a higher power your true essence of divine presence. No longer seeing coincidences rather than mere occurrences, instead heightening your awareness to living in divine synchcronicity in the flow of the universe and its infinite blessings you attract more and more. Gratitude becomes the normal response for compassion, happiness and universal love.

• Throat - 'vissudha: no longer putting yourself down and limiting your greatness, true qualities of the centre once activated are, self-confidence, self-worth, self-esteem, self integrity to expressing-self respect and self-love.

• Third eye - 'ajna': once this centre of light is opened it brings feelings of divine love, higher clarity, intuition, illuminating consciousness, enhanced and elevated meditation and practice of yoga, greater peace, wisdom and grace. 

•Crown - 'sahasrara': a greater sense of being more connected to the source, receiving higher divine guidance and inspiration and being more connected to the flow of life, nature and the universe and all it's blessings.      



• Kundalini is a unique powerful aspect of the human life force. Kundalini is a Sanskrit word in Hindi known as 'coiled serpent' or 'the power of Divine consciousness'. The closest equivalent in our culture is the Christian and biblical concept of 'Holy Spirit' also known in ancient times as the 'The Sacred Fire'. see illustration of Moses holding the bronze snake.

• It is a powerful spiritual energy residing within the human body,  extending to all levels of our being ‑ physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.                


• In the Indian Hindu tradition, the human life force is represented as having two main elements: a universal/physical one ‑ ‘prana’ ‑ and a personal/spiritual one ‑ kundalini. Perfect health and wellbeing are achieved as these two combined energies rise within the subtle body.


• Enlightenment occurs when they reach the crown chakra. This outcome can take time to awaken, initially kundalini laying dormant at the perineum, the seat of the first chakra. In most individuals, slumbering there for their whole lifetime. 

• Unfortunately social legal addictive substances; such as alcohol, smoking, drugs, coffee etc. dissolve and destroy the finer impulses that reside within the human being that shuts down the flow of this sacred fire of awakening consciousness. 

• In others it eventually awakens, ascending up the 'sushumna' – the subtle channel in the spine linking all of the chakras.

• Gradually moving upwards, kundalini activates all the energy centres and brings powerful new states of consciousness at each level.

Kundalini Enlightenment


Awakening the Kundalini

• Many people wake up spiritually as a result of a profound emotional shock, a serious accident, going through divorce, a life‑threatening illness, or the death of a loved one.

• Regular meditators tend to awaken kundalini in a much more gentle way provided that this is done by a responsible practitioner. In the East, kundalini can be awakened in the practice of ‘prayer’, ‘yoga’, ‘meditation’ and ‘tantra’. 


• Psychedelic psychotropic drugs can also trigger a sudden kundalini awakening this can be extremely dangerous for the long‑term mental and physical health of the person experiencing it. Eastern traditions all warn of the serious dangers associated with a premature awakening of the kundalini energy.


• All spiritual traditions throughout the world refer to kundalini in one way or another. For some, the journey is blissful, for others it can be sometimes very challenging.

• Over time and awakened correctly an individual can experience the kundalini as a joyous spontaneous awakening of happiness, unconditional love and bliss.


Kundalini awakening Experiences 

• People who meditate regularly, tend to experience mild symptoms of kundalini rising, one chakra at a time, with several months of gentle progressive purification at each level. 

• Symptoms can range from faint temporary sensations of warmth or tingling along the spine, in the belly or at the extremities of the body, in particular the big toes. In other cases, even natural ones, the awakening which can be experienced as a very sudden event whereby the whole body is suddenly 'electrified'. 

• When kundalini reaches the upper chakras, the energy is felt as a succession of intense electric shocks, this can be experienced as physical heat, visions of ultra-light‑sensory perception of knowledge to waves of ecstasy. This state can last from a few minutes to several hours.

• When the kundalini energy flows it brings balance to the entire human energy immune system to reside in the heart centre.                      


Warning about psychotropic drugs

• The experience of electricity running through the whole body is very real in a physical sense, and this is where the danger lies. If the nervous system is unprepared to handle a sudden ‘power surge' of a cosmic magnitude, the awakening can result in serious damage to the body, especially the brain.

• Billions of nervous connections can burn and dissolve, leading to mental illness, symptoms of strokes or multiple sclerosis. Such accidents usually are the consequences of a premature kundalini awakening due to psychedelic drugs. 

• When the kundalini energy awakens naturally, the body's divine intelligent control systems regulate and limit the amount of electricity released. The nervous system progressively and naturally adjusts to the extra power and energy flow.


Kundalini's gifts

A kundalini awakening can lead to a profound restructuring of the human nerve and neural system affecting mind, body and spirit. As the kundalini's sacred fire stimulates and expands within each higher chakra, one feels more expanded, loving and accepting a higher balance of life. 



• Self realisation, acceptance, unconditional love and conscious awareness can be explained as kundalini resides within the heart after a full awakening.



• Once the 'Sacred Fire' has consumed and dissolved many impurities i.e. emotional/mental baggage fear and stress and cleared the path, allowing energy to flow freely along the ‘sushumna’, without any painful physical symptoms. Sometimes kundalini can be felt and sensed as heat associated with very pleasurable vibrations, somehow similar to a full body sexual orgasm. Increased vitality, intuition, clairvoyant, intuitional abilities and divine meditations are some of kundalini's many greatest gifts and blessings.



• On the physical level, benefits can be felt right down to a cellular level. Extra energy becomes available and needs to be directed wisely, including sexual urges. Numerous studies also suggest ageing is reversed and organs regenerated, greater health becomes a natural state. 

•  When kundalini reaches the upper chakras, the higher inner and outer senses become more aware to pollutants and toxins of all kinds. Reacting strongly to foods which putrefy in the body, such as garlic, onions and animal meat, including dairy, eggs, cheese and the milk from animals. There is no requirement whatsoever to feed the emotional body.

• Emotional addictive substances fall away; coffee, sugar,  along with smoking, medication, drugs and alcohol. The body no longer smells of foul odours instead it smells sweet like the scent of a lotus flower. 

• Once an individual experiences the full kundalini awakening many turn to wholesome foods and often become vegetarians and vegans. Their body, mind and soul consciousness requires a divine balance that honours their life.

• Just as a butterfly eventually emerges from its cocoon, the awakened person feels happier, stronger, healthier, wiser and more alive than ever before! - by Dez Dalton