Seven Personal Empowerment Levels

• At completion of all the Seven Personal Empowerment component levels is essential. 


• Activates all of your energy centres of consciousness ~ 'entire energy system'. 


• An ascending sequential order in the Original Seven Level Reiki system to become a Reiki Teacher.


• This indicates that the student has fulfilled the correct requirement and prerequisite to become a 3B Reiki Teacher.

Teacher Training Levels

3B Reiki Teacher

• Once Reiki Degree 7A has been completed the 7A student may be invited to train as a 3B Reiki Teacher. 


• This Teacher initiation gives you with the ability to initiate people to Reiki Degrees 1 and 2 permanently and teach Reiki Degree 1 and Reiki Degree 2 classes.


• You receive all the essential tools and skills for you to begin your Reiki teaching career immediately.


• At the completion of your Teacher training. You are awarded with the Reiki Degree 3B Teacher Certification.


• All that is required for you to begin your Reiki Teacher journey!

5B Advanced Reiki Teacher & 7B Grand Master Teacher

• Training in the higher teacher levels is by invitation only.

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