Advanced Personal Empowerment Levels


Svadhishthāna Chakra ~ 2nd Centre of Consciousness ~ Water Element
Svā = Self 
Adhishthāna = seat, residence



REIKI 2 ~  Personal Healing ~ Dissolve Emotional Stress, Anxiety, Addictions 


• To make your treatments even more effective using the Reiki 2 energy for creating greater health, well-being. 

• ‘1st Reiki key’ - for the body’s energy centres - ‘chakras’ and how to increase the life force energy to boost, balance and rejuvenate your immune system.

• ‘2nd Reiki key’ - for protecting yourself against electrical interference including protection from anothers negative thought programs, including own self sabotage.

• ‘3rd Reiki key’ learn the distant healing formula, highly effective when sending Reiki treatments to another healing at the deeper subconscious level to apply for yourself and others.

• How to dissolve emotional stress, shock, trauma and dissolve past limitating programs, patterns and addictions. 

• To increase and expand the Reiki 2 energy further, highly beneficial when living a busy lifestyle. 

• Reiki Degree 2 gives you the ability to become a qualified Reiki Practitioner. 



• Reiki 1 + 2 Level Attunements - activations aligns, gives you the ability to connect to the Universal Healing to increase your energy at a much higher vibrational level.


• Reiki 2 Certification and the Reiki 2 manual.

• Degree 1 + 2 ~ is the beginning of your journey of Divine Self-Transformation!



• 1ST ~ Technique dissolves past programs and negative patterns from conception to birth, operating within the cellular level right up to your present age.

• 2ND ~ Technique integrates the great Universal Law of Attraction increasing the flow of prosperity consciousness, creating new careers, financial opportunities and to manifest your desired dreams personal and professional.

• 3RD ~ Technique combines Reiki and Sacred Geometry to easily remove stress, self sabotage, emotional baggage and programs. 

Use all 3 powerful techniques for yourself, to uplift your friends and family. 



• Two very powerful and effective healing treatments for yourself and to share with your loved ones.

• A much deeper healing energy of the Reiki 2 to energy create calm, inner peace to fill you with more light.



• Helps to remove addictions, emotional stress, trauma, anxiety and depression.

• Empowers your life to create calm, enjoy radiant health, prosperity and wellbeing.

• Enhances your spiritual practice meditation, yoga including physical activities.

• Realise your true potential and authentic self - Your magnificent Divine Presence.

• This is a brief introduction to an expansive menu of empowering techniques for you to access new, valuable skills and experiences available to you in your Reiki Degree 2 class.

• The Reiki Degree 2 training is available once you have completed your Reiki Degree 1 Level Training in the Reiki System.

• Your investment $550

I am a massage therapist and have been having regular reiki sessions, as well as being trained in level 1 to 4, both with Dez. I have been receiving various types of Reiki treatments on myself, addressing either physical, emotional or spiritual aspects. I will never forget the first session I got from Dez in his welcoming Clovelly practice. A client of mine referred him to me. Within 5 min from the start of the treatment, I could feel this warm, powerful light coming through his hands and really filling my body , my heart, my mind. Though it was the first time I met him, the light made me feel safe, so I could let go and receive deeply. At the end of the session I felt grounded, calm, connected. That’s when I knew I have to learn this magic ancient science so I could help my clients. So I trained in the Reiki system. Not only did the energy advance my spiritual journey I began to eat healthier Reiki made my meditation more enriched stilling my mind. I found it really raised my massage treatments to a higher level, my clients going deeper releasing and removing emotional stress baggage bringing a  more complete healing. They always come with excitement and hope and I see how they slowly change , becoming more loving and accepting of themselves, more grounded, less pain. And I know it’s the pure divine Reiki light, that goes where it’s needed. He is not only a real healer, but he is a guide on your journey, knowledgeable, caring, patient, as a client receiving Reiki or if you want to learn the system so you can continue sharing the light. I could not be any more grateful to have found Dez. Regards, Corina Makim - Reiki, Remedial Massage, Myo Facial Release Practitioner. Sydney Australia