I am a massage therapist and have been having regular reiki sessions, as well as being trained in level 1 to 4, both with Dez. I have been receiving various types of Reiki treatments on myself, addressing either physical, emotional or spiritual aspects. I will never forget the first session I got from Dez in his welcoming Clovelly practice. A client of mine referred him to me. Within 5 min from the start of the treatment, I could feel this warm, powerful light coming through his hands and really filling my body , my heart, my mind. 
Though it was the first time I met him, the light made me feel safe, so I could let go and receive deeply. 
At the end of the session I felt grounded, calm, connected. That’s when I knew I have to learn this magic ancient science so I could help my clients. 
So I trained in the Reiki system. Not only did the energy advance my spiritual journey I began to eat healthier Reiki made my meditation more enriched stilling my mind. I found it really raised my massage treatments to a higher level, my clients going deeper releasing and removing emotional stress baggage bringing a  more complete healing. They always come with excitement and hope and I see how they slowly change , becoming more loving and accepting of themselves, more grounded, less pain. And I know it’s the pure divine Reiki light, that goes where it’s needed. He is not only a real healer, but he is a guide on your journey, knowledgeable, caring, patient, as a client receiving Reiki or if you want to learn the system so you can continue sharing the light. 
I could not be any more grateful to have found Dez. Regards,
Corina Makim - Reiki, Remedial Massage, Myo Facial Release Practitioner. Sydney Australia 




I am very grateful to Dez for sharing his deep and sacred knowledge of reiki so gently and authentically. Dez has made great contributions to the society by keeping the sacredness of this ancient science intact and helping many to find healing. I have been helped tremendously in my own healing journey and find myself constantly receiving divine gifts of clarity and wisdom in navigating my everyday life and feeling healthier and happier. Dez has great discernment which is very important when practicing complementary healing. I would highly recommend Dez Dalton ~ REIKI EMPOWERMENT SEMINARS for anyone seeking a more balanced, joyful and successful life experience. I wish Dez the very best to continue on his path'. ~ Vinita Christie' 


Since the two Reiki trainings I did with you so many beautiful things have unfolded in my life. It is pretty inspiring! 
At the beginning of this year my vision was to emphasis my life and create opportunities in these three areas: 

Body Mind Soul: 
Body: Zumba and Samba My goal this year was to get back into the world of dancing, which is my passion. I created my Zumba Instructor business which is up and running in the Northern beaches and in Sydney city. I teach 1 to 4 times a week. Also I have been selected to be part of the Samba Pro/Show Team of the Latin Dance Australia dance school in Sydney to dance in shows and festivals. 


Mind: Education Officer and Consultant Before the Reiki trainings I had just quit a job that I really didn't enjoy and that wasn't corresponding to my values and beliefs. A couple of weeks after the Reiki training I was offered my dream job as an environmental educator at the Sydney Olympic Park working with children in nature the whole day ~ reconnecting children to nature (which was the topic of my PhD). After the first day I was also offered a position as a consultant in sustainability education and behaviour change at the Sydney Olympic Park Authority to create projects with children in nature. This position allows me to work from home and to get paid for it. Exactly what I wanted! I work 3 to 4 days for them and the rest of the days I have time for creativity and enjoy the Manly lifestyle. Wow! Reiki, the law of attraction and daily gratitude really works. 

Soul: Reiki & meditation I have been doing meditation and Reiki everyday since my training with you and have been doing sessions with friends and family. My goal is to give treatments and create a space in my home to offer Reiki treatments. My Reiki treatments business: 'Mahana Energy Healing'. 'Mahana' means sun and energy in Tahitian. Thank you again for the great Reiki workshops I did with you. So many good things have happened into my life! Sending you many blessings. 
~ Sarah Brikke Licensed Zumba Fitness and Aqua Zumba Instructor.



I came to Dez 12 months ago, 21 years old, lost and confused as to where my career was heading. I started with Reiki 1 and not long after Reiki 2. In this time, I have traveled to New York and Paris to work during fashion weeks with respected designers and my PR idol Kelly Cutrone. I then figured out I wanted to be in fashion tech, so started a fashion app (Stashd) which in less than a year has featured in publications such as Forbes and has users in 85 countries. I practise Reiki 5 days a week and it has really given me the clarity to realise what I want and has given me the strength to take risks. I am incredibly in touch with my intuition and have more faith in myself making those tough decisions. When I look back on the last 12 months which has taken to around the world working on what I love I can honestly say that it began when Dez and Reiki entered my life. Don’t underestimate the power of the Seven Level System of Reiki, once you are aligned with the universal flow everything in your life will follow if you let it. I can’t thank Dez enough!
You and Reiki has changed my life. I'm sitting about to have my final Skype meeting with Forbes Magazine who are writing a story on me to be published globally, I'm also jetting off to Vietnam. 
So, THANK YOU. What you're doing is so amazing. ~ Jessica Wilson  ~ creator of STASHD APP. Leading fashion mobile app.




Thanks for an amazing weekend! I didn't know anything really about Reiki before, after my Reiki 1 & 2 weekend you have shown me a a new way to explore my spiritual path, I'm really grateful to have met you and like minded people. And, I can already see results: I have a 1 year old girl who just started at my day care, she would cry all day as soon as her mom leaves So after her mom left she was crying, so I placed my hand on her solar plexus, and she just stopped crying abruptly, and hasn't cried since! Thank you, and can't wait to do all 7 levels. Kind regards ~ Virginia K. 


I just wanted to thank u! My son has performed 3 reiki techniques on me since getting home. Today I walked 400m metres for the first time without pain in 3 to 4 years. I am amazed! ~ M. Moellers 


You my dear soul are magical you have a light that touch's the hearts of the people in way I don't think you will ever know just how special you are. Thank you for touching mine in a well I wil never forget. Thank you for the journey thank you for the love and most of all thank you for you. Have a wonderful day my being of the light. Much Love, Jessica Physiotherapist
My fiancée Kristie had developed some internal bleeding, perhaps from avoiding food as she just doesn't feel hungry at times, drinking coffee instead. Around Tuesday the 17th Bleeding became a big issue, and by Sunday, Kristie said that she was getting scared, when she showed me the toilet, it looked like someone had killed a chicken in there, I freaked out and had he in hospital straight away.
After 8 hrs of waiting for a bed she checked out and went home, going throught the same process on Monday the 23rd May 2011 to be admited as a priority. By Wed her cell count was 88 on Thurs 26th she was at the point of near death. She would just sleep constantly, I called her and she was passing 500ml or so blood every 4 hours, doctors didn't know what to do. They said the would wait till it cleared up or got worse! That's when I called my Reiki master Dez and Emailed Linda ( another Reiki Master in same Reiki system as Dez), 
I was pretty scared. He had aprox 12 Reiki Practitioners send healing energy to her. The very next day, on Friday the bleeding stopped and she was full of beans! They kept her in over the weekend just to be sure and the drip was out on Sat night, and discharged Monday.
If in extreme circumstances like this a group of the 7 level Reiki focus and send Reiki it can pull someone out of a coma. 
Reiki is really true divine energy! I cant thank you enough ~ IT WAS REIKI THAT SAVED HER LIFE! ~ Guy Glas DJ

I can't beleive how different i feel.... it's amazing!! It feels as though i am back in control. As i told you at the end of the class.... when Anna was giving me my healing over my crown, it was like i entered a bright green room. I have experienced seeing the colours but it was overwhelming how bright and how much green.i saw. The only other thing about my healing is that i felt alot of heat in my chest it was warm like a nurturing feeling. While appying myself to Anna my hands got quite warm and felt a lil tingling. I have been searching almost praying to get my energy back to cut a long story short, I was surrounded by jealous hurtful negative people that had hurt me greatly.I have carried this pain in my chest for the last 3 years. I guess you could say i have been in search of anything on a spiritual \ energy level that would help me repair my emotional scaring and guess what? i'm blown away. 
I was so excited the next day i tried the healing on my mum. She is suffering from a car accident with disc bulges in her neck and has a slight problem with her spinal cord. She has recently had a second prednisone injection with not a lot of success and her pain has been excruciating for her to the point where it keeps her up at night and needs a sleeping tablet to go to sleep. Anyway when i was giving mum her healing i was cupping her head in my hands like the third position in the book. I felt like something was moving around under her skin. This feeling came from my left hand on the side of her neck where the injury is. I will say i seemed a lil stunned but not shocked cause it seemed so natural. She did find relief and i am going to continue this method to see how it goes i am really interested in finding out, i am just so thankful it did help her. That night this may sound strange but i was having a dream and the lights were so bright i woke up and had to open my eyes only to get a quick glimpse of another bright light it was so white and pure. i don't know what to make of this but anyway i thought i'd tell ya. Really enjoyed reiki 1 and will be doing reiki 2 Loved it!! Thanx again ~ Soraya 

I attained the Reiki 1 Degree on the 15/8/2009 and then Reiki 2 on the 9/12/2009 under the usui system of natural healing with Dez Dalton as my teacher. After completing Reiki 1 I started to notice a gradual gentle change in myself after practicing Reiki 1 on a daily basis. I began to feel calmer life was not as challenging and I started to get more confident. I began to notice that my intuition was becoming more attuned and attracting the right people into my life and those that did not make a positive impact were exiting with little to no effort. Then I was ready to attend Reiki Degree 2 this course was a lot more involved with a wealth of information it just flung open all the doors for me. After completing Reiki Degree 2 people were approaching me to send them or share the wonderful Reiki energy with them. Many people they have requested that I give them Reiki treatments on a regular basis even skeptics. I used this wonderful energy on a woman she went into a deep meditative state and fell asleep this is the same woman who was unable to sit still and had been continously busy and stressed. In her of Reiki healing session she had the opportunity to rest and to be re-energised. As for myself there have been drastic physical and emotional changes as well as an increase of awareness my face has cleared up there is more colour and i am appearing younger. After I had completed the Reiki 2 level my taste buds and appetite has changed. I automatically incorporated an eating plan that is healthier and cravings have reduced dramatically. I have also been through the process of clearing so much past emotional anguish and have replaced it with a compltely new outlook. I respect myself so much more and it is encouraging me to form a much closer bond with my children and those in my life who matter. Each day I am speaking my truth and with that I am attracting those who share the same beliefs . I had completed a different system of Reiki 1 with another teacher more than 7yrs ago with nowhere near the changes i have pointed out. Dez Dalton is genuine and holds the keys to this beautiful intelligent Reiki that has turned my life around ~ Norma Hacinas Sydney Australia.


My family & I are forever grateful to you for your help, kindness & sharing your knowledge with us.
I AM so grateful for Reiki and feel very blessed that it is now part of my life every day. It has helped me so much and has improved my health and every area of my life. I feel much more grounded, centred & balanced & sleep very well every night. 
It really amazes me every day how Reiki helps others and the positive changes taking place.
Your knowledge never ceases to amaze me and I always learn so much in your classes. Thank you also for the yummy lunches that you cook for us during the courses! Thank you so much Dez, for being such a great Healer, Teacher and friend and for caring so much.~ Deborah M. Woollongong.



I developed a problem with my right ear. The outer canal was inflamed, swollen and painful. I decided that, instead of going to my doctor, I would use my newly learned Reiki technique. I placed my hand over my ear, allowing the energy from my palm to do the necessary healing. I left it there for between 5 and 10 minutes, 3-4 times a day. After three days my ear was healed – no pain, no swelling and no inflammation. The results made me very eager to enrol in the next level of Reiki. ~ Sandra I. Reg Nurse Sydney Australia.

I would like to share with you a story about my dog, Astro. Last week during the storm, I found an unfortunate surprise under my bed and all through my house. It was seeds from the Castor Bean plant, a highly toxic plant that contains Ricin. I found some of these buds chewed and opened. Some of the beans were missing, which concerned me. Astro obviously thought these were a potential meal.
After speaking to the vet, I was very anxious as he told me the plant is deadly and can kill a dog in 3 days. He told me to bring him straight in for induced vomiting with a drip all night to detoxify his tiny body from the poison. I decided to give him Reiki until I saw signs of him being ill, and put all the Reiki symbols under his bed. He seemed to enjoy the energy, as he fell asleep and looked like he was in heaven! 48 hours went by and nothing happened! Actually, he was more active and alert than ever before, he was running around the house like a maniac! This is also amazing since Astro is a puppy Chihuahua, the smallest and most fragile breed of dog in the world. This is a miracle and a testament to the healing power of Reiki. ~ Krisy S. Sydney Australia.


Just some feedback on Jodie T. (the lady in Prince of Wales Hospital you were sending Reiki to). 
She has been moved from the ICU to the Spinal Unit and is progressing. When I asked you to send her Reiki she was on life support, they tought they may have to perform risky surgery and not looking too good. She is now breathing on her own and has some movement in her arms. She is in wonderful spirit and her father says she won’t be quiet. The thing that amazed me was the vertebrae in her neck have gone back into perfect alignment and she will not have to have the surgery to fuse the bones together. The doctors are now just monitoring her progress and have said that it will be about six weeks before the bones mend and the swelling goes down. The power of Reiki never ceases to amaze me! Thank you so much for sending to Jodie it is appreciated very much. ~ Cheryl R. Sydney Australia.



I trust that you are well, I was thinking of you though, and the gift that you brought into my life with teaching the Knowledge of Reiki. Here are a few occasions when Reiki just blew my mind away. 
Experience 1: 
Two years ago we went to Fiji, Treasure Island for holiday. On the 4th day my husband got very sick. We thought he just had an upset tummy. But as it turned out that it was more than that. He went diving and swallowed water through the regulator which was not in a proper condition. For 3 days he just kept loosing body fluid through diarrhea and vomiting, and had terrible cramps and headaches. He was getting weaker and weaker.  He could not keep anything down. There was a nurse on the Island who we saw after a day or so. She gave some pills to stop the diarrhea. It did not help a thing. I started to get really worried and thought: “Oh my GOD what can I do?”And than I thought; I have Reiki. (I'd trained up to Reiki degree 4.)  So I started to do Reiki on him for about 2hrs non stop. Just after I stopped doing it my husband got up, went to the bathroom and he was like new. None of us could believe what had happened. But the Reiki energy sure assisted and we were both grateful.


Experience 2:
On same holiday after this wonderful ordeal my son got sick with terrible ear ache. He was in real pain.  Once again we called the nurse, who gave some ear drops. Did not do much, after few hours my son was in agony. Being 5yrs old, he kept moving, crying all that stuff a kid does when in pain.
I sent a Reiki attunement to him and asked him to put his hands on his ears and told him to keep his hands there. And I just kept sending a Reiki attunement for about 2 hrs again. He fell asleep, Slept 4 hrs, and woke up saying: Are we going to dance? My husband and I looked at him.
Dancing??? How is your ear? Isn’t it hurt? He said: No not at all. And we went dancing around 10 ‘o clock. (There was dancing every night in Fiji till about 1 am.) And he danced and he was fine. So there is no another explanation than; REIKI.

Experience 3:
A girl, who I just got to know, was suffering terrible migraines. She felt really sick. I asked her if she would mind me giving her a Reiki attunement and than a bliss bath. She said sure, she did not believe me though.  I gave her a Reiki attunement and a 15 minute bliss bath and she said it was nice. She apparently still had the headache. Than she went home. The next day she called to me, and thanked me. She said in about 15 minutes her migraine was gone she had the best sleep and got up really early the next morning feeling re-energized and terrific. Thank you Dez and Reiki. ~ Anita R.  Sydney Australia.

My name is Dimitri, I have been a 35 year old insulin dependant diabetic. I was aligned to Reiki degree 1 on the 7th December 2002 and Reiki degree 2 on the 8th December 2002.
I applied the techniques of protection to my cars front windscreen, front passenger door and drivers door, which I had learnt at second level Reiki seminar.On the 4th February 2004 I was driving on the Princes highway towards Sutherland and my blood sugar levels dropped unexpectedly while I was driving I blacked out and went into a diabetic coma my car collided head on into a telegraph pole.

When I regained consciousness the airbag had blown up and both of my hands were still holding the steering wheel, I saw tow trucks, ambulances, fire trucks and police cars around the area. It was only when I looked straight ahead through the windscreen I realized what had happened. The telegraph pole had gone right through the middle of the front of the vehicle and stopped where the windscreen glass begins. The windscreen had no cracks and my door could not be opened from the outside, so I pushed it hard so I could walk out.I had gotten out of my car with seatbelt whiplash, neck pains and shoulder pains. The police suggested that I go to hospital but I declined, as I knew that I would place my hands on myself every night while asleep I knew the Reiki energy would heal me while I was sleeping.
Two months after the accident I was completely healed from the injuries to my neck and the shoulder pains had completely gone without intervention from chiropractors and muscular therapy practitioners. Reiki saved my life and completely healed me physically and emotionally. 
I am very grateful to Dez Dalton as he is a very caring, understanding and patient teacher who is always there for his Reiki students when they require their Reiki questions answered. Reiki has increased my clairvoyance and intuitive abilities I have become more peaceful and emotionally stable. I have found the more I use the Reiki energy the better I feel. I now feel that I am definitely going on to learn and achieve all of the higher levels of the complete original seven level system of Reiki. Thank you very much for your teachings and support. ~ Dimitri I. Managing Director of Angelica Chocolates. Sydney Australia.


I have known Dez for sometime now, after meeting him when I moved from the UK to Sydney in 2000. After just one week of living in Sydney I met someone who had trained with Dez, who put me in contact with Dez Dalton. That was a day that changed my life and now I have now completed all 7 levels of Reiki, which I use every single day, and have done since I began.
Dez is a very relaxed teacher which creates a welcoming environment for new-comers. His knowledge of Reiki and other topics of a spiritual nature is extensive, and each day is packed with new learnings, even for me after 4 years! His approach is very calm and gentle and throughout the day there are many opportunities to practice what you have learnt. I remember not wanting the day to end. I always felt in a state of bliss after the Reiki classes, and now have the techniques to create that bliss wherever I am, at any time.Since being introduced to the Reiki energy I have felt much more confident in myself and I definitely seem to feel more in the ‘flow’ of life now. 
Great things just keep happening of which I am constantly grateful. Reiki has helped greatly with my personal spiritual growth and understanding without which life would be much more confusing! I feel so connected with myself, others and nature. A true feeling of Oneness. I am now living in Houston, USA where I am currently studying to become a doctor of Chinese Medicine. Reiki increases my understanding of the energy flowing through our bodies and I am able to use Reiki on my patients and even around the consultation room! A thank you in this form does not nearly express the huge amount of gratitude I have for Dez’s teachings. My life has completely changed – there’s no stopping me now! Thank you so so so much! I am always so excited about the prospect of returning to Sydney to see you again soon. With all my love, and Angelic sparkles of Reiki Attunement light. ~ Sian Meeuwsen. Houston, USA.


Thank you for all your help during a difficult time when my husband was diagnosed with a late stage of cancer (NHL). Thanks to your help with Reiki and his stem cell transplant it was a success and he is finally in remission. It's been a blessing that our paths have crossed and I'm sure they will again in the future. Until then, best wishes to you and your students, ~ Kristen K. Sydney Australia.


Reiki has been a part of my life since i was a young girl when my father hosted share evenings and practiced reiki in our home.And though i had automatically, naturally practiced myself , it was only recently that i decided to take the course and receive the reiki 1 certificate. Since taking the course i feel the channel is clearer, the energy stronger, more focused, and a number of subtle and major changes and directly related experiences have manifest...the small and quirky: the 5 mins i spent reiki-ing a broken cd player speaker-to have it work immediately after...and the massive life impacting: the long distance channeling of energy to a friend involved in an head on car accident :healing him faster and further than the medical system wanted to believe possible.
These are two physical examples, but the ways in which these examples have in turn affected the rest of my life has been phenomenal. Solidifying and assuring of our connectedness to each other and to a greater source of power has brought to my life beauty, strength, clarity, peace and happiness, well being of body mind and soul. Compassion for others and myself and belief in my ability to be and do anything i choose. I feel I live closer to my upmost potential each day and am inspired to never stop learning and growing. ~ Rhiannon Byron Bay NSW. Australia.


My transformation began when I looked into the Eastern suburbs night school booklet and I saw an add for an introductory course for Reiki, somehow I knew that this Reiki was for me, so I attended the course that was held over one weekend. That was when I met Dez Dalton. I completed Reiki 1 only one month later, not knowing that my vibrations would be raised to a level that the viral meningitis that I had was totally eradicated. As far as the meningitis was concerned the doctors could do nothing for me but have me take drugs all my life. I completed all seven levels in a matter of seven months, and now run a Reiki practice with my sister at Philip Bay.
Reiki and other life empowering actions that I have learned have turned my life around from what it was. I continue to attend Reiki Empowerment Seminar courses to brush up on my skills. With much appreciation and love. ~ Tony B. Phillip Bay. Sydney Australia.


Here I am copying part of this letter sent to me by my friend James from England. His sister Rose is making a huge progress! Many thanks to you again and all of your Reiki friends and see you back in Sydney soon! 
Rose had a CT scan on Monday and the results have been better than we couldhave hoped. 60 to 70% of the cancer has gone! 
There is still a long way to go, but it's an extraordinarily good start and it helps us all to believe in the approach that we are taking. 
The oncologist at the Royal Marsden Hospital in London was amazed at how well she is doing. She will now take a break from 
the chemotherapy for 4 months and will take a 'holding' drug called Herseptin which should keep the cancer at bay until she is strong 
enough to resume treatment. Thank you for all your support and please send ourlove and thanks to all the Reiki people who have been sending healing energy. Rose is absolutely convinced that she could not have made such good progress were it not for all of the healing that she has been receiving, both absent and hands-on. She is equally sure that she can beat the remaining cancer by continued healing. ~ Ondrej. London U.K.


I must say, that what I have learned from Reiki 1 & 2 has altered my life forever. The peace and tranquillity I attained during the 2 days is still with me, I know it's there to stay. I can't begin to tell you how "magical" it was to finally be freed from the all encompassing urgency and fast forward mentality I had been suffering since my son crossed over. Many things are opening up for me. I get such pleasure from doing Reiki, I can't describe it - words are inadequate. When I'm asked, what is it like for me?...........that's an easy question. It's like coming home to a warm, loving home. Reiki has FOUND me. I need to look no more. After all the years of reading and "searching", I have arrived at the place I've been searching years for. My searching has ended - now I begin learning.So a HUGE thank you Dez for coming into my life exactly when you were supposed to, for the gift of attunements to Reiki, for welcoming me home! May the light of Reiki brighten your way constantly. ~ Susan J. ~ Condobolin NSW. Australia.


I would like to express my gratitude to Reiki and Dez Dalton. I have found Dez to be a great teacher, full of genuine care, integrity and compassion. He shares this unique system simply, and effectively. Working in the allopathic (western) medical field and being a practitioner of complementary medicine, I have found Reiki enhances all aspects of healing, for my clients, myself and family. It is gentle, safe, nourishing and very powerful. It is proven and obvious that stress creates disease, which can manifest in many different ways. This is a perfect tool for dealing with stress. I have personally witnessed miraculous healings for myself and others as a direct result of using Reiki. It brings balance and harmony to one's being, resulting in a deep sense of peace. This system benefits and empowers people in all areas of their lives, I highly recommend investing in yourself, adding great value to your life and the lives of those around you by learning Reiki with Dez Dalton of Reiki Empowerment Seminars. ~ John Lyons Sydney. Australia.


Firstly, I had to write and thank you again for the Reiki Workshop, which has helped me enormously.I had a great fear of having my final 4th round of chemo in the first treatment for cancer, having had an extremely bad experience in the treatment prior. Following the workshop I used the 12 step technique daily and I had none of the extreme side effects during the first 7 days!!I will be starting 5 weeks of radiotherapy tomorrow and I have every confidence that thru Reiki, I will have none of the common side effects and that the treatment will be entirely successful in eradicating the cancer. Helen J. has suggested that I might write and ask if you could send white lights to me, which would further assist in my healing. Helen is part of a group of dear friends who are sending white lights to me, which in itself has been absolutely amazing and has had real impact in reversing aggravating symptoms.
Dez, my thanks again for the skills and knowledge that you have given to me allowing me to participate in healing my body through Reiki. ~ Shirley L.LETTER 2: I have no idea where to begin or how I can ever thank you for the help you have given me thru not only teaching me Reiki, which I have been able to practice on myself, but also for your distance healing which has helped bring about a remarkable result.You will recall, over the past 6 months I have undergone chemotherapy, radiotherapy and more recently surgery for a tumour that was 8 x 6 cm, which had spread to my lymph glands and was classified as grade 3 cancer.10 days ago I had the surgery as it was felt that the tumour, although reduced in size was still present. The post surgery pathology report however, gave a very different story. The TUMOUR HAD DISAPPEARED ENTIRELY and only scattered microscopic cancer cells were found in 12 lymph glands which were in their death throes, surrounded by scarred tissue, inactive and no longer multiplying!!! In other words the cancer was eradicated completely!!!I feel like a miricale and in fact wanted to skip out of the hospital when I heard the news 3 days after surgery and havn't stopped skipping (at least mentally) since.I can now say with complete faith that there is always hope, no matter the odds. I have through Reiki and meditation found complete inner peace, which has given me not only the necessary inner strength and healing, but a quality of life during the last 6 months that has been remarkable given the illness.I may now undergo a final round of chemotherapy as 'insurance" however, I now feel that the future is a big place. This is just one final step in my Wellness Program and no matter what other bumps I may face in the future I am able to cope !My deepest thanks again Dez for the distance healing and your assistance in learning Reiki. I do hope my story will give the same hope to others who will cross your path during your Reiki seminars, you are a remarkable person. ~ Shirley L. 



A quick note to send a BIG THANKYOU for helping me for so many months through distance healing during this year.I am now returning to work and feel completely free of cancer. I do have bi-lateral frozen shoulders which are causing pain and a lack of mobility however, hope to have this fixed soon through both conventional medical and alternative treatments (including Reiki and meditation).It's been a year I will never forget, not just because of the cancer, but it's been a year of spiritual growth, healed emotions, renewed relationships and I can honestly say I have never felt calmer, more relaxed or happier !There are many people that have helped me get through this life threatening illness, not least of all you Dez. I am still moved that you gave so much to me, a virtual stranger, in such a selfless way.You are a great humanitarian Dez and I know you will continue to help others through Reiki.Have a great Christmas and I wish you all the best for the New Year. ~ Shirley L. Sydney Australia.


I found this article in "New Scientist" Sept. 2002. I felt that you can use the information in your Reiki classes - it seems that science is almost beginning to catch up with you. It does make you laugh though, that they want to enhance the natural human energy fields by Drugs and not by Reiki or other harmless ways! I know you like feedback from your students on the effect Reiki has had in their lives - it hasn't been very long but I have noticed the following. 1. A sense of much greater empowerment in that I feel I can do much about illness - my own, and that of others, without laborious making of medicines etc. 2. Discomfort in the area of my kidneys defintely improved - Flower essences, herbs, homeopathy did not touch it (it was a post flu thing - have had it for months). 3. Greatly relieved a migrane - type headache - get them occasionally - quite hard to release. I think if I had had more time I would have banished it completely. 4. Feel more "objective" - not so involved in other other people's sadness, anger etc. Feel a bit more "above it".
5. Some increase in number of clients - people are saying nice things about what I do - that means I will have to watch that ego problem, however! I will keep in touch, Dez, especially if I find useful information or have some feed back on Reiki experiences.
~ Elizabeth L.  Naturopath Gilgandra NSW. Australia.


I have known Dez Dalton since Nov' 98. I trained in Reiki 1, Nov' 98 and have completed all my Reiki Levels 2002. Dez Dalton is a very dedicated Reiki teacher I have never seen anyone who is so involved in human welfare through spreading Reiki energy of the Original Seven Level System of Reiki. He is the best teacher I have ever come across, as well as compassionate human being with a great strength of character. I have benefited through Reiki tremendously as well and it has given me an opportunity to speed up my spiritual journey and also help to assist in healing myself as well as others. I wish Dez Dalton all the best in the future and we definately need more teachers like him. ~ Gayatri ~ Catering Manager. Maroubra. Sydney. Australia.