• Reiki is a safe gentle non invasive and highly effective natural energy therapy. Assists on all levels ~ physical, emotional, mental, spiritually supporting the body's own ability to heal itself.
Promotes relaxation and improves circulation for health, well being, bringing balance and grounding to the body. Increases lymphatic circulation to gently stimulate the release of toxins.

• Relieves body aches, pains and sprains to broken bones. Improves flexibility in joints, muscles and the connective tissue. Actively assists in the healing process of blocked energy, everything from colds, flues, headaches.

• Reiki improves flexibility in joints, muscles and the connective tissue. Assisting chronic fatigue sufferers and relieves painful arthritis including rheumatic pain, to name just a few. Your Reiki energy journey is a constant evolution & Reiki Degree 1 is the first step of your Reiki Ascension!


• Reiki treatments are suitable for all ages including the elderly, children and infants. It has a calming, relaxing effect treating hyperactivity A.D.D. and A.D.H.D. conditions in adults and children.

• The beneficial effects of the healing energy of Reiki are cumulative, free from side-effects and it is complimentary and compatible with traditional medical or wholistic therapy to enhance and quicken the healing results. Reiki Healing Energy Boosts and balances life force and vital energy through all energy centres of your body which is essential to all various activities of daily living and feels absolutely wonderful!.


• Reiki is a wonderful healing energy which treats the cause including the symptoms of dis-ease and can be sensed similar to a meditative state of serenity as in a deep relaxation, akin to the yogic bliss of lying in 'savasana' after completing a yoga class.

• Reiki treatments dissolve emotional stress, panic, trauma and anxiety. As you relax in the Reiki energy the body rejuvenates, regenerates to bring peace and tranquility to your mind. Creating calm and clarity of mind, giving a sense of healing and deep inner peace on all levels of being and consciousness.


A treatment from a qualified Reiki practitioner of the 'Original Seven Level Reiki System' is a gentle relaxing and blissful experience.

The Reiki energy is divinely directed to where it is required most for the receiver. 
Reiki treatments can give you prolonged feelings of relaxation, inner peace, balance, clarity of mind and grounding well after your Reiki session.

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