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• Dr Usui rediscovered the Seven Reiki Symbols in a twenty five hundred year old ancient Sanskrit Sutra text. Dr Usui founded the Original Seven Level System of Reiki. 

• Each Reiki Level corresponds to a certain energy center of consciousness - 'chakras' and there are Seven prime chakras in the body.

• The Reiki symbols represent a language of energy a specific formula that activates universal energy. 

• Dr Mikao Usui then passed on his work to his successor and great friend Japanese Dr. Chujiro Hayashi he continued the Reiki tradition ensuring that all of the true Reiki symbols were kept sacred and complete.

Original Seven Level System




• You can learn Reiki Degree 1 in a one day class to have the touch activated healing energy in your own hands to permanently use the Reiki healing energy for the rest of your life. For Safe Healing and Personal Empowerment. Once you have completed the first Reiki Level in further training you have the choice to continue ascending through the higher Reiki levels thus raising your vibration and life-force energy at each of the Seven Reiki Levels including expanding your health and wellbeing further.

Reiki has Seven 'A' Level Modules

Teacher Levels - Reiki 3B - 5B Advanced - 7B Grand Master Teacher Levels



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• Reiki is an ancient healing technique dating back to many civilizations. In recorded history evidence about Reiki can be found in ancient Tibet dating back over ten thousand years ago.
• This knowledge of how to activate a higher order of universal energy can be found in ancient India, ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome in the West and China in the East. 
• Wisdom and knowledge of this unique technique has been common among indigenous races throughout the world until the time of Western civilization where it was lost due to hostility and warring nations. 
• Reiki was rediscovered in the early 19th century by Dr Mikao Usui a Japanese scholar. 

• The true formula was rediscovered by Dr Mikao Usui in a monastery in the East. Dr Usui was doivinely guided to call this radiant healing energy 'REIKI' ~ 'ray-key' 'The Highest Universal Light'.



• You learn the source, true lineage and complete formula of the Original Seven levels of Reiki originate from Dr Mikao Usui, (Japan) then to successor to successor.

• They must be in this correct order; 'Dr Chujiro Hyashi', 'Hawayo Takata', 'Dr Barbara Ray', 'Sir Gary Samer'. If you find that any of these names of the true lineage are missing.

• Therefore, it is recommended and advisable to question the Reiki master/teacher and to have them show you and reveal their Reiki lineage before you learn with them. 

 True Reiki Lineage

• The true formula was discovered by Dr Mikao Usui in the East. Dr Usui was divinely guided to call this radiant healing energy 'REIKI' ~ 'ray-ki' 'The Highest Universal Light'


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• Reiki is a natural form of treatment which can produce life changing results. The Reiki practitioner places their hands on, or above the body of a fully clothed recipient.

• The Reiki energy divinely flows to where the body requires it most in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

• Reiki clears and dissolves negative patterns, programs and addictions giving you a deep sense of inner peace on all levels and helps to remove the symtoms of dis-ease such as: depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, arthritis, rheumatic aches and other bodily pains, stress, tension, hyperactivity, A.D.D. and A.D.H.D. boosting and balancing the immune system and rejuvenating the body and acts twice as fast for recovery after surgery, healing broken bones, sprains, swelling, bites, burns, stings and cuts. 

• Reiki can be used safely in conjunction with many other healing modalities such as traditional medical and wholistic practices. Reiki Treatments



• There a many benefits of learning Reiki to uplift and energise all aspects of your own life. 

• In Reiki Degree 1 you are permanently activated for the Reiki energy self healing and self empowerment to begin. 

• The next Reiki 2 step is available and once Attuned to Reiki 2  you learn all of the life enhancing Reiki Degree 2 transformational techniques. . 

• Reiki greatly benefits infants and children balancing, calming and especially harmonising the negative symptoms of ADD & ADHD.

• You can assist your pet friends as they respond quicker to the Reiki healing energy including plants and flowers.




• There is no prior training or formal experience required whatsoever.

• In the Reiki Degree 1 training you receive instruction and step by step guidelines how to apply and use the energy in self healing for yourself and to share with family, friends and pets.

• At training completion you receive the full colour Reiki class manual and your training certification.



• You learn the true history, lineage and purpose of Reiki including applications.

• How the human energy bio-field ‘Aura’ works with the Reiki energy to dissolve stagnant energy of emotional and mental stress, negative programs & patterns in the human energy-field.

• An effective natural personal-healing healing technique to assist the body’s natural ability to heal.

•Reiki is completely safe for everyone and complimentary to all forms of physical activity, natural therapies and complimentary to traditional medical treatments. .



• Reiki Attunements are generally received in a seated position, by a recipient.

• Attunements can also be transmitted - sent distantly to permanently Attune people to all the Reiki Levels. 

• Attunements are given by a fully qualified Reiki 3B, 5B, 7B Teacher to apply the specific Reiki energy formula by an accredited Reiki Teacher of the Seven Level Reiki system.

• The Reiki Teacher activates you to the Universal energy which aligns and balances all of your body's major energy centres of consciousness activating the Reiki energy for the purpose of the Reiki healing energy to flow from the palms of your hands. 

• This gentle procedure brings balance and grounding, creating feelings of overall calm, peace, bliss. Giving you a greater flow of health and wellbeing.



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• We highly recommend a treatment with a teacher of your choice first. Observe their vitality before and after the session as well as your own healing experience.

• In doing this way you can observe if they are being a living example and truth of the energy of which they teach, work with and speak as a Reiki practitioner

• You will feel, sense and know within your heart when you are truly ready, intuitively guided to train with the right Reiki Teacher. 

Authentic Reiki Lineage




• To be certain it is wise to enquire of the person's lineage. If there is any slight deviation from the correct lineage the teacher or student will be unable to safely channel the radiant power of the Reiki healing energy through them.
• If you have trained in another system and found that after giving treatments, you had been feeling drained, depleted of energy etc, then you may be have been taking on another person's energy and their problems such as; their ills, aches, pains and emotional baggage. You may have been trained incorrectly by the master/teacher in the system you had trained in. They may be completely unaware that this is happening to their students.
• The incorrect training may have created a weakness in the aura of your energy field. It is strongly recommended and advisable to be re-trained and Attuned correctly to the Universal energy of the Reiki formula by a fully qualified Reiki 3B, 5B or 7B Teacher in the Original Seven Level System of Reiki.

Authentic Reiki Lineage




• For a Reiki student to train and become a Reiki Teacher of the Seven Level System of Reiki.

• The Term we use is Reiki Teacher and there is absolutely no master over another. The final Reiki 7B Master Teacher is those who have completed all of the training that have mastered all of the seven Reiki Keys includinding all off the Attunement formula.  

• 1st requirement is that they must have completed all Seven Degrees of the Reiki Personal Empowerment/Practitioner Levels and subject to any other Teacher training requirements.

• 2nd requirement is to be an active practitioner of Reiki and you must be prepared to uphold the responsibility of keeping the Seven Level System of Reiki formula pure and intact. Showing the highest regard, respect, integrity acting in the highest good for all of your students.

• All of our qualified Reiki Teachers who are trained in Reiki Empowerment Training Seminars practice what they teach!




• The Seven Level System of Reiki energy is a complete system of Reiki which is a pure source from nature.

• Therefore, there is no requirement for any other external, psychic additions or distractions whatsover. 

• When properly trained in the authentic Seven Level Reiki System the term Reiki Psychic Crystal Therpist does not apply and is not required or recognised by the True Reiki System. You will usually find that this title is from those who have trained incorrectly, whereby they are placing, transferring their own human life force energy into and out through an external source rather than coming from the infinite Universal Supply which takes place in the Authentic Attunement formula received in the Reiki Training classes by our qualified Reiki Teacher 3B + 5B + 7B Teachers.

• The universal Life Force from the Seven Level System is completely contained and safely flows from within and out through the palms of the hands.

• Once a student is trained by a fully qualified 3B + 5B + 7B Teacher of the Seven Level System, the student may find that certain gifts of higher intuition and clairvoyance are awakened within them. Many students can be born with these gifts that are yet to awaken by the Reiki activation formula.




• This system is completely free of gurus, sects, dogmas and any other forms of religeous doctrines. 

• It is a complete system for self empowerment and personal improvement. 

• There is no requirement for a person to adopt a particular form of diet or food habits. This also goes for the colour of clothing a person wears. 

• The Reiki energy is completely free of judgment nor does it determine what a person can or cannot do as it is completely divine and whole in nature. 

• As a Reiki student and Reiki Teacher you always have the sacred gift of choice in all that you do in your life.




• Reiki has absolutely nothing to do with the chanelling or the drawing of energy from the psychic realms whatsoever! 

• The authentic Original Seven Level Reiki system greatly enhances your own gifts that you were born with such as: clairvoyance, conscious awareness and heightening all of your inner and outer senses including enhancing your intuitional ability. 

• When standing in your own Power and Presence you shall find that you trust your own inner guidance and intuition more.



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Please Check With Your Teacher Before Training in a Class!



• You may see yourself and others as they truly are. 

• You may even experience loss of excess baggage, resulting in major life changes and transformations. 

• You may find old addictions and patterns no longer there. 

• You may find that you are no longer living at the effect or reacting to what you had created and attracted in the past.

• You may even discover that you are now living at cause as a co-creator within the universal flow of life! 

• You may even become the person you were always meant to be!