Reiki Degree 7A 

Advanced Personal Empowerment Levels

Sahasrāra Chakra ~ Seventh Centre of Consciousness ~ Consciousness Element 
Sahasrāra = thousand, infinite




  • Reiki 7A highlights your Crown Chakra, known in Sanskrit as the “Thousand Petal Lotus” the centre of ‘Higher Consciousness’. Your final step in completing the Seven Level Reiki System of Personal Empowerment.


  • The 3 powerful Reiki 7A Attunements that elevate your energy to twice that of Reiki Degree 6!

  • 7A highlights your 'crown', 'third eye' and 'occipital' chakras. Gently removes negative energy obstructions from the higher centres to improve, assimilate, integrate higher knowledge, wisdom, clarity, peace and balance.

  • The Reiki Degree 7A Level ‘KEY’ that works with the Element of ‘Consciousness’ the gateway to awaken infinite Light and conscious awareness in all of your Reiki Activity. The Seventh 'key' empowers infinite energy from the‘Universal Source’ in boosting the energy of all the Seven Reiki ‘Keys’ making them even more potent.





  • Improves and enhances your communication skills, expression, give it to yourself prior to a meeting or public events to empower the sound of your words bringing the vibration of clarity and calm to all who are listening.


  • Awakens more light, clarity and peace to your mind for a more expansive experience in your meditative and spiritual practices, it is ideal for focusing your intention upon manifesting your constructive desires.


  • Give to yourself to infinitely increase and empower the Reiki energy within all of your energy centres of consciousness - 'chakras'.



  • When you give the 7A Energy Booster Attunement to yourself or, when given to another 7A attuned person or, sent distantly the 7A Booster Attunement creates a permanent expansion. Reiki Degree 7A brings an infinite amplification of the Reiki energy in all of your Reiki 'Keys', your Energy Techniques, your powerful Treatments to escalate a greater flow of Divine Light Within You!

'I am very grateful to Dez for sharing his deep and sacred knowledge of reiki so gently and authentically. Dez has made great contributions to the society by keeping the sacredness of this ancient science intact and helping many to find healing. I have been helped tremendously in my own healing journey and find myself constantly receiving divine gifts of clarity and wisdom in navigating my everyday life and feeling healthier and happier. Dez has great discernment which is very important when practicing complementary healing. I would highly recommend Dez Dalton ~ REIKI EMPOWERMENT SEMINARS for anyone seeking a more balanced, joyful and successful life experience. I wish Dez the very best to continue on his path.' Vinita Christie'

You my dear soul are magical you have a light that touch's the hearts of the people in way I don't think you will ever know just how special you are. Thank you for touching mine in a well I wil never forget. Thank you for the journey thank you for the love and most of all thank you for you. Have a wonderful day my being of the light. Much Love, Jessica T - Physiotherapist

The Reiki 7A level is an amazing 24/7hrs experience, thank you. Edward W. Security mngr.


Our lives have been wonderful since you taught us, and attuned us to Reiki. Everything is just flowing. It makes so much more sense. We seem to achieve our goals much easier. We managed to secure our jobs( which are not easily come by), and buy a house within three days of our being here. Now that astounded even us!! Our friends and colleagues could not believe that we could achieve all that so quickly. What with all the red tape one generally has to go through etc. All's good Dez. I cannot thank you enough for all that you have done for us. Love you always. Ethel K. ~ Reg. Nurse


I've had my first experience attuning a friend that has been very 'sick' since having a level 1 attunement from the other 3 level system...Wow & wow!! Massive transformation. She said she hadn't felt so centred etc in a very long time. Said she felt all her chakras were opened & bathed in golden/white light! Love and Light. ~ John M.


It has been an amazing journey for me ever since I met you at the Novotel and decided to be re-attuned correctly in the true Reiki system. You mentioned I would be different. Indeed i have over the many months as the levels evolved. I thank you for coming into my life. I have met so many wonderful new friends. Reiki 7A was very special and powerful. I now look forward to all the many Blessings and wonderful experiences in my journey ahead. God Bless to you and beautiful Sarah. Gail D. ~ Flight Attendant