Reiki Degree 6 

Advanced Personal Empowerment Levels

Ājnā Chakra ~ 6th Centre of Consciousness ~ Light Element
Ājnā = Command, Knowledge, Wisdom




  • In the practice of yoga it is known as the ‘Ajna chakra’ or the ‘third eye’ - 'pineal' gland. Ajna is the open doorway to the ‘Crown chakra’ and is known as the chakra of time for self-reflection and awareness of light.

  • The pineal gland is a light sensitive gland that produces the hormone melatonin which regulates the awareness of going to sleep and upon awakening.

  • The 3rd Eye - brow chakra opens our clairvoyant faculties and our understanding of archetypal levels and is related to the act of seeing physically, mentally, hightening clairvoyance and intuitition.


  • The Reiki Degree 6 Attunement which has a vast amount of energy to raise your vibration up to twice that of Reiki Degree 5A.

  • Increasing the Reiki Universal energy in every Reiki Treatment and Reiki Technique and for all your Reiki applications.

  • Reiki 6 divinely illuminates your mind and consciousness to build a bridge of Light between your 3rd eye and your Heart centre.


  • The Reiki Degree 6 Level works with the Element of ‘LIGHT’ & AWARENESS’ to see above and beyond through the maya-illusion setting you free from the busy chattering ‘monkey mind’. Creating stillness within your mind to enrich your meditation practice. Highlights your 3rd eye and awakening a new chakra to activate a unique ability to enhance greater clarity, inner-vision, wisdom and manifestation.

  • The purpose of Reiki Degree 6 is to elevate your vibration and expand your capacity to receive higher intuitional guidance. Whilst enjoying a greater flow of Reiki healing energy from the universal source of all life leading up to your final step of Reiki Degree 7A.

  • ‘After completing the Sixth Degree Level you may experience a heightened awareness, a sense subtle energies, auras around others and in nature’.

It has been quite a ride since I started with you in March and I have benefitted a great deal under your guidance. I found Reiki 6 different. I thought it would be similar to Reiki 4 where I felt a warm spot spontaneously develop. This time I felt only a connection between the third eye and the Reiki Source. However, subsequently I have noticed sensations in the third eye area like drawing or energy gathering. I have noticed an increase in power through the hands. But the energy coming through is more like light than chi. It has enhanced my sensitivity when scanning auras (which I do at the start and finish of my treatments) I am quite excited to see if Reiki 7 opens me to infinite energy! I can always make use of that. Ian G. IT mngt.


With Reiki 6 once, again visible results, that feeling of magnetic repulsion, that is wild, another visible result on the list, I feel that 7 will be the "sugar free" icing on the cake.  James M.~ IT mngt.


My family & I are forever grateful to you for your help, kindness & sharing your knowledge with us. I AM so grateful for Reiki and feel very blessed that it is now part of my life every day. It has helped me so much and has improved my health and every area of my life. I feel much more grounded, centred & balanced & sleep very well every night. It really amazes me every day how Reiki helps others and the positive changes taking place. Your knowledge never ceases to amaze me and I always learn so much in your classes. Thank you also for the yummy lunches that you cook for us during the courses! Thank you so much Dez, for being such a great Healer, Teacher and friend and for caring so much. Love & Many Blessings, ~ Deborah M.