Anāhata Chakra ~ 4th Centre of Consciousness ~ Air Element
Anāhata Nāda = unlimited, infinite sound
  • You receive the Reiki Degree 4 permanent alignment.
  • The Reiki Degree 4 ‘key’ which balances your heart centre and helps you feel more connected with nature, life and everything around you.
  • To bring more love, peace and harmony into your life.
  • Step by step instructions in the use of the ‘key’ and its application.
  • On completion of the course you receive the Reiki Degree 4 manual and the Fourth Degree Certificate.
  • How to apply the Reiki Degree 4 symbol directly with the heart energy centre to further expand life force energy, boost and balance all levels of your being.
  • Learn the powerful Reiki 4 ‘key’ and its integration session of bliss to bring peace and harmony for yourself and others.
  • You are instructed on how to use the ‘key’ in Reiki treatments and attunements.
  • How to apply the Reiki 4 key in combination with other complimentary healing modalities and therapies.
  • Reiki 4 specifically works to transmute discordant energy at your heart centre creating harmony, peace and divine balance.
  • It gives you all the skills to heal deeper at the heart level.

  • Reiki Degree 4 activates your heart centre and raises your vibration to twice that of Reiki Degree 3A.
  • The Reiki Degree 4 ‘Attunement’ creates a gentle opening and expansion of your heart chakra bringing a sense of courage and inner strength at your emotional and feelings level.
  • As your heart centre opens, more nurturing energy flows to the organs that it supplies such as: your lungs, heart, thymus gland to improve the respiratory and overall functioning of the immune system.
  • The Reiki Degree 4 ‘key’ works with magnifying the power of your Reiki energy greater and to protect the energy flow through the palms of your hands.
  • Experience how the Reiki Degree 4 symbol brings sweetness in everything you do in your life and the powerful and blissful Reiki session of Reiki Degree 4.
  • Reiki Degree 4 heightens your intuition and gives you the ability to expand more light within and on all levels of your being and consciousness in a day filled with harmony balance and peace!
  • Creates a greater feeling of love and compassion, awakened heart full of joy and love whereby the separation begins to dissolve.
  • Having Reiki Degree 4 you will discover that most of the the old reactions of your past programs are greatly diminished and dissolved.
  • Awaken your Heart to Divine Love, Compassion, Inner-Peace, Joy and Bliss with Reiki Degree 4!